Rehab Hamad, MBA, CLHMS

Land Broker & Development Services

Rehab Hamad grew up in Greenville NC after her parents who are originally from Alexandria, Egypt moved there in the early 80's. It was quite the change leaving behind a city of millions and all their family. But the opportunity presented itself for Rehab's Father to work at the Brody School of Medicine as a PhD in Pharmacology and conduct important research from the NIH. Following her Dad's footsteps, Rehab majored in Chemistry from East Carolina University. Along with a Business Minor, Rehab went on to receive her MBA from ECU. While she did not pursue working in the Medical or Science fields, Rehab prides herself in the level of structure and detail that those disciplines provided her. Rehab entered the Real Estate industry as a Residential Realtor in 2001. She later transitioned into Land Brokerage & Development Services which are truly her passion and allow her to use her critical & problem solving skills. In her time off, Rehab enjoys spending time with her husband, Yezen, and three teenage children looking for new family experiences or watching her son's soccer games.

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